In July 2012 I found myself packing up everything I could fit in the trunk of a 1998 Honda Accord named “Helen” headed for unknown territory in the Carolina’s. All I could focus on was leaving the battle ground of a horrific divorce I had been through years prior. Some may say running doesn’t help however I will be the first to tell you it didn’t help, matter of fact it was the cure! It was time to heal and what a better place than on the beaches of the Carolina’s.

After getting settled in the rental property I found on Craigslist I had no idea where I was or which way to go. Without any family nearby I found myself quite home sick at first however I was determined to succeed. Fortunately I was able to relocate with my job so I had opportunity to meet people through work and learn my way around.

It has been 7 years now and my achievements have been incredible and I give all the glory to God. As the bible tells us “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” and I am proof of that verse for sure. It was hard, difficult, depressing many times, full of struggle financially and emotionally however I held faith that my move was meant to be.

Soon after relocating it was evident with the drastic economic fluctuation from Winter to Summer that I knew I had to find a different career in order to survive and provide for my children. “When all else fails, get an education and keep your mind moving forward”, as my intellectual mother always preached. That is exactly what I did. I enrolled in real estate classes at night and found an opportunity to also work for a real estate company during the day. Not just any company, I was blessed abundantly to work for one of the best in the industry along the famous “Grand Strand” of South Carolina’s coast.

Knowing I had found my final career path to be Real Estate I relocated from rental property to rental property along the coasts of North Carolina to provide me with demographical information and experience even google could not ever provide. After 2 years, I had moved in to a friends house for 8 months inland about 45 miles away from the beaches causing me to miss the beach life I had the privilege to know. However on a positive note it allowed me to appreciate the true blessings of living close to the beach. To make a long story short, after 8 months of missing beach life it motivated me to conduct my 1st real estate transaction right out of real estate school which would be my own transaction purchasing a home! With my dear mother’s help I was able to purchase my 1st home located exactly 5 miles from the beaches and most importantly 3 miles from my church family I had missed long enough.

Now, this gal didn’t have any extra money to fix up an old house! I would find myself overwhelmed with the needs and started making a list. My first nigh in the old once abandoned property I remember praying for God to protect me. Funny how its not just children afraid of the dark sometimes! Within 3 days I had the old well up and spitting out water and the lights worked in every room. All I do is thank God for making my dream a reality. I began you tubing “how to do it yourself” videos for everything you could think of from plumbing to electrical.  Searching Pinterest became my bedtime routine and the ideas started flowing like a river. Another mans trash became my treasure. Within 1 year I had doubled the value of my home completely debt free. I know this may sound unbelievable however again all I know to do is thank God for everything he has blessed me with.

As time went by I was ready to put in action my next dream. I had established the required experience in real estate necessary to be eligible to become a Broker In Charge. With that achievement it would allow me to start my journey of owning my own real estate firm. In September 2017 I started LAC REAL ESTATE LLC licensed as Broker In Charge in North Carolina. Following in October I passed the exam in South Carolina and became open for business licensed in 2 states which would cover every where I had stepped within my own shoes.

LAC REAL ESTATE LLC was created using my initials due to not ever wanting other agents in the future to have any of their sunshine diluted behind my name. After 6 months in business I met an investor whom I was doing work for and he said I know what LAC stands for now. Out of innocent curiosity I asked “what’s that?” and he replied Love Always, Christ. I was completely humbled and over joyed cause he was correct, my company, once only a dream and desire of my heart, had been given to me as a gift from God.

My story has been long and I thank you for reading in efforts for you to know the true motivator that ignites LAC REAL ESTATE LLC’s mission to help others. Its more than a job its the beginning to a legacy.